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Summer is Here!
Go Hands Free with
Theugi Crossbody Bags.


The Crossbody Bag Kamala is soft water-dyed pink and lime green leather.

Small Vegetable Tanned Triangle Crossbody Bag. Removable and adjustable strap. The small bag that's large enough for all your essentials.

The Crossbody Bag Alia is Black Pebble Leather shown with optional Theugi strap. 

New Arrivals

The Leather Bucket Bag / Tote

Convertible Bucket Bag Backpack


This beautiful Leather Bucket Bag made with Crazy Horse leather has the styling of a large Bucket Bag with the capacity of a Tote.  With two large deep inside sleeve pockets, you can carry everything from a laptop to all of your daily essentials, while keeping them organized and protected.  A must have for women on the go who are searching for that unique look!


This convertible bucket bag backpack is made of a vegetable tanned leather that will age beautifully.  Two exterior snap pockets and inside zip pocket provides all the room needed to carry all your essentials.  This convertible is stylish, unique, and truly Theugi leather.   

Call her Sofia!

The Crossbody Bag Sofia is finished with pebble "basketball" leather.  Great compact size but large enough for your cell phone, wallet and daily essentials.

Introducing Kathleen


Nappa Leather Kathleen Quilted Crossbody can be worn either as a Shoulder Bag or Cross Body. Great size bag for a night out or a day around town.

And Lena Too!


The Lena Too is a beautiful Pebble Leather Backpack convertible that can be worn as a back pack or a handle bag, with blue Faux Fur front pockets and round carrying rings. 

The Men's Backpack
in Black and Brown

men's backpack2_edited.jpg

Theugi's Men's Backpack is equal parts rugged and refined. Made with durable pebble leather (black & brown) with multiple pockets, interior and exterior. Drawstring closure with beautiful craftsmanship and modern design.


Bring on the chilly nights with Theugi's Heavy Leather Moto Jackets for Her AND Him! These true bikers' jackets are finished in 100% Top Grain Leather, with warm zip out lining (please note this is a heavy jacket). The Perforated chest cools you on warm riding days. For you Sisters & Brothers who ride, optional safety armor is included.   


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Welcome to Theugi! Theugi is an acronym that stands for The Urban Growth Initiative and is a black designer bags company local to Chicago (originally based in New York) that continues the celebration of Black history. We are dedicated to contributing towards programs that advance black youth, as they are the future. Here, we believe that the best way to create change for the better in communities is to give the youth foundational skills that enable them to compete in our forever evolving world. Enterprise opportunities must be created in order to change any neighborhood for the better. We know community growth is not only about having the right resources but also knowing how to use them while being supported by companies like ours. Theugi believes momentous developments can and will develop where the grass is watered. The reserves are present in today’s world, we believe it is a matter of focusing on our individual skills and combining those with a passion for tomorrow. We know if we push to make each day better for ourselves and clients, even by an inch, our tomorrows will be brighter. We provide designer top grain leather products, including designer backpacks, bags, wristlets and guitar straps that customers can enjoy for a lifetime. As a company, we are proud to say we are a Black Owned Designer Brand providing full grain leather bags that can be shipped anywhere in the USA. Theugi makes black history by providing the multitude of premium leather types along with various designer products; leather purses, leather jackets and men’s designer bags just to start. There is something here for everyone you love, something they could treasure for years to come! Our top grain leather purses, bags and leather jackets are an investment, as they can hold value while time passes. Best part is with Theugi, you have the satisfaction of knowing that buying from us means investing wisely because not only is your product aesthetically pleasing, it aids our black youth programs, therefore both supporting and creating black culture. While we focus on offering women and men’s designer bags as well as outerwear for those brothers and sisters that ride, be sure to visit each tab as there is even more that we offer. Our outerwear became available in fall 2020, created from durable skins such as the ever soft sheepskin. Theugi never skimps when it comes to quality material and is proud to be able to offer competitive prices while simultaneously providing such durability in each product we offer. Theugi aims to edge out competition by providing beautiful products tagged with prices that most top designers can’t beat out.Theugi is a proud woman owned, black owned business that emphasizes fashion with full grain leather bags made in the USA. Our brand enhances the black female business owner's daily life. Offering excellence and functionality for the office, school, or tackling daily tasks. Whether you are a mother of multiples, a CEO of your own company, a traveling student or a nurse working 12 hour+ shifts; you will find top quality with Theugi’s designer leather bags. Our designer handbag brand has various leather bag options from crossbody bag, large tote bags, bucket bags and more. Each bag has their own characteristics. Our crossbody bags have snap closures and plenty of compartments, for easy access to essentials. They can be carried as a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag with their adjustable chain straps. These are perfect for a shift at the office or a night out on the town. If you prefer a bit more space, our large tote bags are handmade, created with top grain leather that is soft to the touch and will hold all your essentials. Our leather totes offer two interior pockets that get softer as they age, and will become your go-to purses! Maybe you are a salesman on the go, if so you would find our Men’s messenger bag to be quite pragmatic. The men’s messenger bag is designed to keep pace with your busy day. It is made for life on the move. This crossbody is made with pebbled leather, including an exterior pocket and a zipper that expands the bag. It is spacious with enough room to keep a wallet, phone, notebooks and more. We also offer a Men’s Duffle bag that offers extreme durability, it is a no-fuss carryall made for the modern man that’s taking a weekend or simply going to the gym. The Men’s Duffle bag is generously sized and detailed. This designer leather bag is finished with 2 detachable lightweight nylon straps for versatility. You can shop local Chicago from anywhere online for your complete convenience. Our black designer handbags are made with care by the same hands. We take pride with our leather purses. Minority owned business that is responsible for manufacturing and selling quality designer handbags. The Theugi designer handbag brand is available to both domestic and global audiences yearlong. Plus, free shipping is provided within the USA! Our crossbody bag straps are a hit! Talk about practicality. Versatile for any occasion, you can switch it out for another pattern to coordinate with your look no matter where you’re going! Geometric crossbody bag straps will attract attention with their unique patterns and bright colors. Each replacement bag strap will highlight your individuality. Between leopard spots, cow print, all black leather and our floral graphic bag straps, we’ve got you covered for any event. We’d also love to mention that they are dual use! Guitarists will love to know these replacement bag straps double as guitar straps! Whether you are an army print type of person or into simple beautiful brown leather, Theugi has it for you. Shop local Chicago from wherever you are at!

JUNETEETH In celebration of Juneteenth, there will be Theugi Designer handbags on sale! Juneteenth is a holiday also often called Emancipation day or Freedom day. Juneteenth celebrates the emancipation of all people who were enslaved in The United States of America; the official Freedom Day that ended slavery of people in this county. It is an extremely important time to commemorate; a time in which we celebrate black enterprise success! Come that time, be sure to view not only our designer leather purses but also the men’s designer bags. There’s always something for the Fellas too! At Theugi we strive to add to the beauty that is black culture. We seek to add value and meaning to black history, as Theugi is an enterprise of The Urban Growth Initiative inc. We are a New York based not-for-profit corporation that is dedicated to funding and advancing programs that support at-risk youth in urban communities. Our aim is to support black youth to find their passion, to seek rewarding and fulfilling careers that will further our communities and schools making it possible to advance into a bright future.

LEATHER JACKETS For those that love to ride like we do, we graciously introduce our leather jackets! We make our black leather jackets from the softest sheepskin available to us so that not only does it feel good, it looks great. We create our leather jackets to be as practical and useful as possible. This outerwear is meant to be worn, and often. We create this in a way meant to last, with equal durability and beauty for both genders. Our Men’s Leather Jacket, His Heavy Moto will keep you comfortable, warm and safe with its optional removable armor. Our Women’s Leather Jacket comes with optional removable armor for safety and is just as buttery soft. Whether being used for a night out in fashion or a ride out on the town, Theugi’s classic black leather jacket will love you back